Billion electric valves first appeared at the 2018 International Pump Valve Exhibition

Update:04 Aug 2016

The 7th Foster China International Pump and Valve Exhib […]

The 7th Foster China International Pump and Valve Exhibition was held in Shanghai. As one of the largest professional exhibitions in the global refrigeration and air-conditioning HVAC industry, it attracts many customers every year. As a professional valve manufacturer, Jiayi Solenoid Valve Factory, in order to stand out at the exhibition, the company carefully prepared the exhibits to display the products, and displayed an amazing booth image in front of the audience.

The unique booth design of the Jiayi Electromagnetic Valve Factory booth, combined with forward-looking products and excellent quality, has attracted the comments of many industry experts. Within three days, even foreign customers came to the booth for consultation and placed orders at the show. During the entire exhibition, thousands of visitors were received, making it one of the most exciting and attractive places in the show, leaving customers and industry colleagues. impressive

Jiayi Electromagnetic Valve Factory has domestic first-class production equipment and multi-functional, intelligent valve detection system and testing center.
Jiayi Electromagnetic Valve Factory adheres to the philosophy of “Core Technology, Cutting-edge Technology, and Creating the Future”, leading the technology and pursuing excellence, and jointly building a world-class supplier of control valves to make greater efforts for the sustainable development of China's automation control industry. contribution.